“Getting vaccinated is not a matter of personal freedom. I feel it is a personal responsibility. I got the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as I was able. It was a simple process with quick, respectful volunteers helping everyone there get their shots. The atmosphere was joyful. I did feel flu-like symptoms for one day following my second shot. But the whole time, I also felt relieved and grateful to have free access to this vaccine. I knew my symptoms meant that the vaccine was working. I am still very cautious because I have a kiddo that is too young to be vaccinated yet, but I feel safer moving through my days having received it.”

“I know it’s not a silver bullet. But every one of us that gets vaccinated helps reduce the likelihood of keeping this virus in circulation – even if you have had the virus. Getting vaccinated helps keep my family safe, and yours too. For me, it is the same as pulling over to the side of the road when I see an ambulance. We don’t do it just for ourselves. We all pull over because we have agreed that doing so saves lives, and we want to be a community that cares for each other. Vaccinations do too.”