“Things that happened after I got my covid vaccine:

Round 1: jab, arm soreness, little tired, creeping sense of relief

Round 2: jab, mild nausea (very mild, drank some Sprite and was fine) arm soreness, next day there was a little aches and pains, I just took Advil/Tylenol and went about my Sunday, greater sense of relief

2 weeks later: deep sigh of relief

Now: like a year long weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Now my mom and dad, my grandparents, my closest friends, almost everyone I come in contact with is vaccinated. So. Much. Less. ANXIETY. I think it took time for that feeling to sink in, some things are still scary, I’m still wearing my mask, but overall getting everyone vaccinated has been the greatest sense of relief and I am so incredibly thankful for it. If anyone reading this is at all hesitant about getting it, let me assure you in my experience the whole process of getting it was easy and seamless and the symptoms were so mild. Totally worth it.”