“My child has been a quarantined child her entire 11 months of life, I carry a lot of mom guilt for this. This guilt haunts me as a parent even though I could do nothing about it, until now.

This is why I chose to get vaccinated.

I want to be able to show my daughter what a zoo is, I want her to be able to have a 1st birthday party with friends, I want to show her the joy of a park. I want to do my part to keep others safe so that we can re-open our state and make all of those wants into our reality.

Was I nervous or afraid of the vaccine? This is a mixed answer, I knew that I needed to mom up and do what was best for my child’s future so this question did not even cross my mind. I did what I had to do as a parent to guarantee that my child could have a normal future.

Once I received the vaccine there was an unexpected weight lifted off of my shoulders and I could see a light at the end of a very long tunnel.

I chose to show my daughter that there is no fear in being vaccinated.

How can I expect her to be vaccinated at her pediatrician without fear if I do not model the same fearless behavior?”