“This place runs on care. Being fully vaccinated means I get to take care of me AND you even better and more freely than before. At the beginning of the pandemic, we didn’t have the privilege of closing down. It would mean closing our business permanently which was not only the only form of income for myself and my employees, but also a resource for our local farmers during a time bridal business had all but disappeared. As a result, I took every precaution I could, but I knew that because staying at home wasn’t an option, I would be gambling with my life, every day.

I knew getting myself and my staff vaccinated was the only way to reduce these risks, so when the time came we all jumped at the opportunity. I got my first and second doses at The Convention Center right down the street! I imagined lines down the block, scary doctors in hazmat suits, you get the picture. I was surprised and downright giddy to be ushered in by kind and welcoming volunteers who directed me through the extremely quick moving line and process. The nurse saw I was nervous when it was finally time and eased my concerns by explaining all the symptoms I may have the next day.”