“When vaccines were finally made available, I’ll be honest I was skeptical. One major reason was my mom almost died when I was 2 from an incredibly rare autoimmune disease called Guillain-Barré…which they think may have been onset by the flu shot. While the likelihood of contracting this disease is literally 1 in a 100,000, and not hereditary, it still was in the back of my mind with the vaccine.

I was extra cautious and waited until August, when more data had been collected on any correlation between the COVID-19 vaccines and Guillain-Barré. At that time, ZERO cases had been confirmed and linked to the Moderna vaccine. Those were pretty good statistics for me.

Ultimately my decision to get the vaccine was made based on the fact that we have a highly contagious disease that has infiltrated the world, and has proven to be deadly. In my business, I’m in contact with people from all over, and didn’t want to contract or spread the disease unnecessarily without some “protection”. The vaccines have been proven to slow the spread, lessen the symptoms from new variants and honestly I just feel safer knowing I have it.”